KRAV MAGA – AMI NIV & COUNTER TERRORISM for all sectors of the military, law enforcement, VIP protection, special forces, counter-terror and other security personnel, including ongoing and in-service programs. We emphasize: KRAV MAGA – AMI NIV & COUNTER TERRORISM education and training programs are designed to create an integrated fighter-officer who will function appropriately under the most stressful conditions – using the most effective techniques and tactics with determination and situation-appropriate aggressiveness. KRAV MAGA – AMI NIV & COUNTER TERRORISM Security sector courses and seminars include basic level through instructors education. Course and seminar lengths vary.
KRAV MAGA – AMI NIV & COUNTER TERRORISM specializes in the development training programs and lesson plans, assessing feedback and quality control of the training systems, and personnel management.


  • Defenses against an attacker with a knife at close range or long.
  • Defenses against a stick/bat/ax
  • Defenses against two attackers, one with a stick and the other with a knife
  • Defenses against gun threats from different directions
  • Dealing with attempted kidnapping
  • Disabling and handcuffing of a violent suspect.
  • To Lead a suspect without option to flee or attack the policeman
  • Use of reasonable force and creative solutions in dealing with a hostile crowd (violent demonstrations, etc.)
  • Basic behavior principles in situations involving hostages.
  • All types of attacks by hands and feet.
  • All types of defenses against hands and feet attacks.
  • All the various types of releases.
  • Dealing with Kidnappings within the vehicle.
  • Hostages inside a building / in the car / on a bus or train.
  • Policing, security and dealing with terrorist activity.

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