You have a chance to get new exciting profession, and open your own Krav Maga club, licensed by KRAV MAGA & COUNTER TERRORISM ACADEMY – AMI NIV. We teach all over the world, with HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS from DEFENSE DEPARTMENT COUNTER TERRORISM specialists!!!
World highest standards for GENERAL CIVILIAN KRAV MAGA INSTRUCTOR COURSES, Law Enforcement, Military, VIP Protection, Anti-Terror..

After the course you will be certified KRAV MAGA & COUNTER TERRORISM ACADEMY.

Now, You have chance for training with AMI NIV and international top tactical instructors from his team!!!
KRAV MAGA & ANTI TERROR AMI NIV Self Defence and Fighting Instructor Course

The Krav Maga Instructor Course will educate you in most Krav Maga techniques, various fighting techniques, principles of Krav Maga doctrine, teaching and practice methods, training methods, basic management, promotion and marketing of a training place and more.

During the course participants will be supplied with the instructor’s manual, pictures and logo for future use once qualified, grading and curriculum material, lessons plans and more.

An Instructor Diploma will be issued to qualified participants by the KRAV MAGA & ANTI TERROR ACADEMY.
After completed instructor course, instructors can also qualified as a:

  • 1. Undercover Defensive Tactics, Law Enforcement Krav Maga Instructor
  • 2. International Krav Maga Tactical Knife Fighting Instructor
  • 3. Close Quarter Combat Military Krav Maga Instructors Course
  • 4. Counter-terrorism Krav Maga Instructors Course
  • 5. Close Protection Krav Maga Instructors Course and Safety Procedures for Civilians Instructors Course
  • 6. Special Forces Krav Maga Instructors Course

Who can attend the course :

  • 1. Krav Maga Practicioners, martial arts instructors, regardless of style
  • 2. Students wanting to take training to a different level
  • 3. Students who do not have access to an instructor in their geographical area
  • 5. Law enforcement and military personnel wanting to provide more realistic training for themselves or their agency
  • 6. Security professionals looking for an intensive program
  • We accept practitioners sponsered by their clubs. We also accept high level instructors from other ‘striking’ systems and members of the governmental agencies (Police, Army etc.).

Basic Qualifications:

  • 1. Health declaration
  • 2. No criminal record
  • 3. A personal interview
  • 4. Teaching background in other martial arts is a plus.

We look forward to welcoming you to KRAV MAGA & ANTI TERROR ACADEMY as potential instructors.
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