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The KRAV MAGA AMI NIV Force Training Division has taken important steps to refine Krav Maga for the needs of world law enforcement.

Keenly aware of use-of-force and liability issues facing law enforcement, KRAV MAGA AMI NIV is constantly updated in consultation with use-of-force experts (police, police administrators, and defensive tactics instructors) to provide real-world effectiveness and defensible applications of reasonable force.

Our approach is simple “stop the problem and take safe control as quickly as possible.” Officer safety is paramount – before, during and after a confrontation. We deal with compliant, resistive, assaultive/high risk and life threatening situations.

KRAV MAGA AMI NIV instructional staff consists of currently sworn law enforcement officers. Chief Instructor Ami Niv. KRAV MAGA AMI NIV established a defensive tactics system that protects law enforcement officers from harm and law enforcement agencies from liability.

We provide Instructor Certification Courses, Seminars (end-user training), Private Courses and Customized Courses to meet your needs.


  • The Krav Maga Ami Niv law enforcement-training curriculum has been divided into different areas:
  • Combatives (use of personal weapons)
  • Self-Defense
  • Weapon Retention (in the holster, out of the holster, standing and on the ground)
  • Defenses Against Handgun Threats
  • Defenses Against Long-Gun Threats
  • Long-Gun Retention
  • Defenses Against Edged Weapon Threats and Attacks (to include improvised edged weapon defenses)
  • Defenses Against Blunt Weapon Attacks (sticks/pipes/impact weapons)
  • Utilizing an Impact Weapon for Defensive Purposes and Striking
  • Ground Fighting and Tactics for Law Enforcement Application
  • Arrest and Control Tactics
  • Searching and Hancuffing
  • Hostage Situations
  • Special Operations (ie. Suicide/Homicide Bomber)


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