Ami NIv dedicate this article to the memory of Krav Maga Israeli founders and teachers.   Imi Lichtenfeld Sde-Or, 05/26/1910-08/01/1998.  Eli Avikzar 16/6/1947 – 16/5/2004


Krav Maga Israeli is a method that trains the fighter for self-defense and combat face-to-face based primarily on his use of the body.

Krav Maga Israeli theory is accepted in educational and security systems in Israel and around the world. unlike in any of the competitive fighting methods, it’s a method of combat that has no limitations stemming from the constitution of sports competition.

Krav Maga Israeli theory based on simple and effective movements that suitable for every person and very useful for solving various combat problems. an advantage that it can be learned in a very short time. Reality proves that despite innovations in technique the little man can sometimes determine the fate of fighting.

Krav Maga Israeli is one of the professions that determine the combat ability of the fighter. The training provides him with the basics of personal combat ability in attack and self-defense. these elements increase in the warrior’s courage in self-confidence and ability to attack. These qualities are very important to play a role in combat.

Krav Maga Israeli is built on professional study material according to subjects that intended for soldiers, police officers and various security systems, and of course to institutes/clubs that train several times a week from a very young age. Whose professional level is determined by belts: from yellow belt to then 10 dan degree. These study materials are intended only for qualified Krav Maga Israeli instructors who have been trained for this at a very high professional level.

Imi Lichtenfeld Sde-Or stated Krav Maga Israel is not for violence. “Act the best you can but act correctly”.

Development of Krav Maga Israeli

The importance of method warfare that will provide you with complete self-defense is immense. in a world where terrorism, crime, and violence is almost everywhere. Today. our world is full of violent attacks and crime. If we do not know how to defend ourselves, we are doing nobody a charity.

It is important to look for a method of warfare which provides self-defense and the ability to

“Act the best you can but act correctly” (said Imi Lichtenfeld). “do minimum defense against maximum offense.” (said Eli Avikzar). One also needs to “Perform the technique as a reflex, in a non-thinking manner and control the other attackers.” (said Ami Niv).

Unfortunately, there are many instances we may encounter which will force us into a battle that we do not want to be – such as bullying, violent, drunk teenagers damaging the environment, a terrorist carrying out an act of terrorism… If we are not ready and do not take steps to restore our security when attacked, we can be hurt badly or killed.

When speaking of Krav Maga Israeli The first thought that comes to mind, is how to defend yourself and secondly is how to attack. This method of warfare is not intended to attack innocent people or to enhance the status of violence. When I speak of Krav Maga Israeli I speak of fighters that learned Krav Maga Israeli from Imi Lichtenfeld Sde-Or and developed it in their ownway but have not forgotten the roots that being self-defense. I speak of those who developed Krav Maga Israeli, adjusting to their days as did Imi Lichtenfeld Sde-Or, Eli Avikzar, and Ami Niv.

The essential difference between a violent attack and self-defense. its when we defending ourselves without getting hurt. therefore we build offensive and defensive endings that will leave us neither bruised or lacerated. If we need to use physical response it will be done to neutralize the opponent through professional techniques built during practice. 

Krav Maga Ami Niv evolved from Imi Lichtenfeld Sde-Or and Eli Avikzar Krav Maga Israeli. who taught mostly self-defense and face-to-face combat techniques in the military and civilians according to their period. This self-defense technique should start as a reflexive by taking into account that other attackers can come from the sides and cause serious injury. This is the development that needs to be significantly addressed for self-defense and dealing with terrorists, knives and street gangs.

Today there are many martial arts whose goal is to expand their horizons and fighting styles. They wish to be better athletes and warriors and thereby arrive more ready for battle or a fight. For that, they need to “perform the technique as a reflex, in a non-thinking manner and control other attackers.” 

Some instructors will try to take advantage of Krav Maga and make it a method of warfare and violence to significantly hurt the opponent. The fundamentals and adherence, however, of true Krav Maga and its understanding of “first self-defense” do not allow that. Due to the important concept that rooted in training a “minimum defense against maximum offense” makes it very easy to distinguish who uses combat to attack vs to defend one’s self.

Self-confidence: the best defender in life is confidence. When we act in a state of confidence it’s highly likely that we will succeed. When people learn Krav Maga Ami Niv from organized honorable coaches they will have instilled upon them a training to deal with the physical and emotional stress. when they encounter situations of violence in the street. Only abundant confidence will make the difference between a serious injury or a disabled opponent.

Krav Maga Ami Niv ideology is to raise fighters as self-defense weapons and attack when necessary. while maintaining human rights and freedom. Imi Lichtenfeld Sde-Or and Eli Avikzar, Ami Niv mentors, with whom he had spent many hours, and had always emphasized these principles on nurturing a trainee. To nurture a child from an early age the parent must bring them and register them with experienced instructors, for the child to develop his personality and teach him to deal with violent attacks.

Ami Niv sees himself as a teacher and educator of his students in cooperation and full support from their parents. It’s the only way we can succeed and provide our students with the right skills for life.

Ami Niv was one of the closest confidants to Imi Lichtenfeld in his last years. One of the important things Imi asked for “that Krav Maga Israeli techniques should not change”. Ami Niv continues to follow these principles. Ami Niv sees himself as a teacher and educator of his students.



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